Our family recently took a trip to Barryville in New York, it was such a pleasant getaway. A good friend of ours invited us to his annual farm party, it was the perfect excuse to get away from the concrete jungle of New York City.

We rented a mountain house in Barryville, that was close to our friends farm. There were hiking trails available right on the property, a fireplace, an outdoor grill, an outdoor fire pit that was wonderful for making s’mores and a roof deck that made you feel like you’re on top of the trees! This home even had a great selection of books!

Barryville is a really small town, with all the necessities for the best weekend ever, right at your fingertips. There is a farmer’s market, vintage antique shops, restaurants, recreations like canoeing, rafting, zip lining, horse back riding, golfing, spa, and the best hiking trails. Nothing is better than getting close to nature.

Now that the kids are way past the stroller and carrier days, it's getting much easier to do things with them. They are getting more independent, too. As a traveler, I like to be prepared; making sure we have what we need and making sure the kids have their entertainment (nothing to do with electronics). We were mostly without technology for this trip, and it was absolutely refreshing.

The views during our drive were breathtaking. Autumn is a perfect season for a scenic drive through New York, viewing the nature and it’s colorful palette. The kids were calling out all the colors of the trees that we passed by, the rivers, the bridges, the farms, the animals, and the lake; it was an amazing sight. 

During this trip, I got to pull out all the new Petit Patch styles for the kids to wear (and take photos in, of course). I tried to keep things classic, but I didn't ignore what the kids would like to wear in terms of color and textures. They love pom-poms and the animal prints that make them feel like a princess or a rock star. This is how I create my pieces: the kids should always be a part of it as they're the heart of Petit Patch. This is my first fall/winter line, so there is a very limited stock. You’ll see more fluidity and consistency in my designs as we patch things along the way.

For now, I hope you get to enjoy the colder weather with your families. It's going to be a beautiful holiday season. 

Rebecca Gilbert